“It's remarkable that so much of the deep sea has never been seen by human eyes at a time when we are viewing the far reaches of the universe using modern technology.”
European Marine Board; Position Paper 22, Sept. 2015.

Medusa, o submarino autónomo que vai a três mil metros

Encontro da Ciência | Luís Sebastião

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Encontro da Ciência | André João

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Medusa Deep Sea makes history

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Robô submarino português desceu sozinho até aos mil metros

É o primeiro veículo submarino autónomo desenvolvido em Portugal para ir a grande profundidade. Objectivo é que seja usado por instituições científicas do país.

Medusa Deep Sea - 1st Complete Assembly and "Solo" Mission

MEDUSA DEEP SEA (MDS) AUV project has achieved a new milestone by performing its first “solo” mission for the first time on the 11th of April 2017, in Lisbon.

Medusa Deep Sea presented to India´s National Institute of Oceanography

IST presented the MEDUSA DEEP SEA project to the Marine Instrumentation group of NIO.

Medusa Deep Sea has reached a new milestone

The MEDUSA DEEP SEA (MDS) AUV project has reached a new milestone: its pressure vessels (core components of the vehicle´s hull) were tested at 1100 m water depth

Medusa Deep Sea at Business2sea

MEDUSA DEEP SEA has been presented at BUSINESS2SEA 2016 which took place at Oporto.

Medusa Deep Sea at Oceans Business Week

MEDUSA Deep-Sea has been presented at the largest business meeting of the maritime economy in Portugal.

Medusa Deep Sea at Oceanology International 2016 in London

MEDUSA Deep-Sea was launched at Oceanology International, the world’s leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference.